Holly Pickering gets sharing!

Love these vibrant new shots from our awesome food photographer Holly.

The shoot was a collaboration with food stylist Rosie Mackean and prop stylist Zoe Harrington, inspired by the idea of “sharing" food, and looking at a sociable, modern way of eating inspired by that idea, with various meals and table settings, all with a European twist.

The lighting was adjusted to capture the atmosphere of each set up - early morning light for Scandi breakfast and midday sun for the Spanish roast.

James Cannon for Wiggle

Our awesome sports and action photographer James Cannon recently travelled to South Africa to shoot this incredible campaign for sports retailer Wiggle.  
Working with a local crew, and a cast of thousands (almost!), we're over the moon to see this in the real world.

David Marquez for Kalms

David shot this campaign for Kalms, which you may have seen on EVERY SINGLE DIGITAL BUS STOP IN LONDON.  And that's an H&H fact.  Bespoke embroidery, and composited imagery made this a deceptively tricky shoot.  We love the results.

Richard Seymour and Porsche

Really pleased to share this amazing new image from Richard Seymour.

This shot shows the airflow over a Porsche Panamera Hybrid.  The car shot was captured at a Porsche Dealership, and the backplate was shot in Scotland.

The cutaway reveals the engine bay and the aerodynamics of this great car.

We love Richard's work within the tech world, and this image really shows him at his detailed best.

James Cannon on mental health in sport

James Cannon shot this series of photos of Clarke Carlisle as part of a personal project looking at mental health in sport.

James writes....

For 4 years I’ve been trying to get a project together on a subject that I feel hasn’t been explored well in the mainstream media. After reading countless articles of high profile sportsmen and women who have suffered from a mental illness combined with my love of sport and the values it encompasses, I wanted to delve deeper making this new body of work. 
Clarke Carlisle kindly agreed to join me in the studio to collaborate in making a series of portraits to visually represent how it might look / feel to have a mental health illness. A way for him to tell his story visually, as simply as possible in a hope for us to engage and reach out to others.
On a technical level the movements within the portrait were photographed as one frame in camera. It was important for me to capture real movements and a feeling in camera that could otherwise have easily have been created in post production. Keeping it pure and simple, I wanted the use of colour to set the tone.
Clarke is the start of a long list of current and ex professional sportsmen and women who suffer, a lot of the time in silence, with a mental health illness. I’ve had word that Marcus Trescothick and other current professional male and female athletes would like to be part of the project. There’s the support of a mental health charity, picture editors, art directors, art buyers and sports brands and I’ve worked tirelessly to find a way to get this project off the ground working with a fantastic journalist.
Unfortunately though, 4 Arts Council applications were declined with the feedback that there wasn’t “enough evidence of demand for the project”, which is difficult to obtain when the series of 8 portraits needs their support to get completed.
For now, these three portraits will stay on the website in the hope I can finish telling Clarke’s and a host of other athletes’ stories at another time.