Don't make art for algorithms

Jon from our sister agency, Handsome Frank, wrote this great piece for Lecture in Progress.  The picture is by Jordan Metcalfe, the talent behind our own fantastic logo.  You can see more of his work at

This article addresses the Instagram issue - chasing likes rather than concentrating on making great work.  It's a great read.

Link -


Holly Pickering gets fruity

We love this personal shoot from Holly, capturing some unusual fruits, and giving us a taste of summer.

Jon Enoch for Coupa

Jon recently spent the day with Coupa CEO Rob Bernshteyn capturing this great set of shots.  A good fun shoot, Rob is known for his love of 90's hip hop (as well as his business skills), so what could have been another corporate shoot turned into something much more lively!

Brochures are coming!

Who said print was dead....?  The H&H mailer is on the way!

Geert de Taeye joins H&H

Bunting!  Fireworks!  Fizzy drinks all round!  Super pleased to welcome the incredible Geert De Taeye to Team H&H.  We've been looking for a great conceptual photographer for a while, and I think we've got the best in the business now. 

For commissions, enquiries, or just to stare in awe at the sheer quality of his work, drop us a line at [email protected]