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Geert de Taeye exhibition!

Our resident conceptual photographer Geert De Taeye is also something of a great artist - you can guess by looking at his folio, right?  

His new exhibition opens today.  If you find yourself in Brussels, get involved.  Check out that venue!

Geert de Taeye for Landor and Fitch

Shot for WPP powerhouses Landor and Fitch to launch their new platform, our man Geert De Taeye created a set of images with the theme ‘collaboration’.

The creative concept, development and execution was all in-house with Geert and H&H.

We’re super proud of this fantastic job, it was great fun to work on, and with wonderful creative end results.

This shot is inspired by a young Master Procter and a young Master Gamble discovering just what fun a bit of washing powder can create...

Geert de Taeye joins H&H

Bunting!  Fireworks!  Fizzy drinks all round!  Super pleased to welcome the incredible Geert De Taeye to Team H&H.  We've been looking for a great conceptual photographer for a while, and I think we've got the best in the business now. 

For commissions, enquiries, or just to stare in awe at the sheer quality of his work, drop us a line at [email protected]