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Holly Pickering and sustainable London

Here are some shots from a fantastic personal project that Holly is working on - Sustainable London.

This set was taken at a charity called The Orchard Project.  They collect windfall apples which would otherwise go to waste, and use them to create Local Fox Cider.  Sustainable, eco-friendly, AND it's cider. Good work.

We love the Autumnal light and colours in this set.  Holly knows how to create great atmosphere in her work.


We made this short clip showing off the best of our food and lifestyle photographer, the fantastic Holly Pickering.


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Holly Pickering for Jarlsberg

Holly recently shot these lifestyle images as part of a campaign for Jarlsberg.  Here's what we learned - 1.  Norwegian people eat Reindeer burgers.  2.  Norwegian people do 'cheers' with burgers.  

We've included shots here showing the photography as part of Jarlsberg social media and website, and also a few shots on their own.

This was a great shoot with a lovely client and fantastic crew - a really good few days.

Holly Pickering for Jarlsberg

Super pleased to share this great campaign for Jarlsberg, shot by our own Holly Pickering.  This was a two part campaign, of still life food shots, and lifestyle shots of people cooking and enjoying the food.  

First up, the still life - we've shown some of the finished artwork as well as the original shots here.  And because we're nice we've also included a few pictures showing the crops for the Jarlsberg website.

Lifestyle shots to follow...