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Time for a timely timelapse.

Here's a rather nice timelapse of Jon Enoch shooting on set last week with a cast of thousands!  If we knew how to add the Benny Hill music, we would.

Jon Enoch and Neymar timelapse

Here's something nice for you - a timelapse video of our shoot with Neymar in Paris, for Harbin.

Jon Enoch for Harbin

Jon travelled to Paris recently to spend an afternoon with Brazil and PSG striker Neymar, shooting a variety of set-ups for Chinese beer brand, Harbin.

The worlds most expensive footballer seemed quietly impressed with his moment with the worlds greatest people and portrait photographer. Game recognised game.

This shoot was a lot of fun. Taking place in a week of Eurostar industrial action we had a last-minute Cannonball Run style race from London to Paris, some fine wine, a near-death experience with an electric scooter, a LOT of waiting for Neymar, and ultimately some great shots.

Included here are the final artwork, some of the portraits of the session, a composite of action shots, and a lot of bts, including the shots of Jon, Patrick and James showing Neymar how to kick a football for an advert. Really. We think you'll see our technique in action next season.

Jon Enoch in Vietnam

Our amazing people and portrait photographer Jon Enoch travelled to Vietnam to capture this incredible portraits of the moto drivers of Hanoi, and the enormous loads they carry.

Working with one assistant and a local fixer, they worked fast to capture this great set.  We think you'll be seeing this again come awards season.  Oscar for best photographer?  Why not.

Hancock meets Handsome

When our sister agency, Handsome Frank, needed to commission a photographer for a press piece on David Sparshott, they didn't have to look too far.

David is one of their talented illustrators.  Jon Enoch is one of our talented photographers.  They spent an afternoon together in East Anglia, and here's a few of the shots.

You can see more of David's work at