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Jon Enoch for Audley Travel

Always a pleasure to see our work out in the real world, and we've seen these great shots taken by Jon Enoch for Audley Travel all over the place - Harpers Bazaar, Good Housekeeping (of COURSE we subscribe), the Sunday broadsheets, and more.

Musicians in the wild!

Some new personal work here from Jon Enoch.  This set shows London musicians practising their craft out in the city.  

With affordable space at a premium in the city, and neighbours who may not want to live next door to a trombonist, some musicians are being forced to practise al fresco.

Jon spent some summer days tracking them down...

Jon Enoch folio update...

Here's some great shots from our people and portrait specialist, Jon Enoch.  Check.  It.  Out.

Jon Enoch for Stand up to Cancer

We produced this fantastic shoot for Stand Up To Cancer, shot by Jon Enoch.  

Transforming celebrities like Maya Jama, Joe Lycett, and Greg Rutherford (OFFICIALLY THE NICEST MAN IN THE WORLD), into people they considered trailblazers, these great shots have been seen everywhere from The Standard, to the Derry News, via Lorraine (a first for us).  

Here's some shots from the day, a bit of the publicity in context, and a few bts shots.  

Time for a timely timelapse.

Here's a rather nice timelapse of Jon Enoch shooting on set last week with a cast of thousands!  If we knew how to add the Benny Hill music, we would.