Matthew Joseph for Herbalife

Our lifestyle specialist shot this great set on location for Herbalife.  All the elements of an H&H classic - location house, models, and great lifestyle photography delivered by our centre forward and top scorer Matthew Joseph.

Matthew Joseph for Medela

Our lifestyle specialist Matthew shot this wonderful new campaign for Medela.  Capturing authentic moments in a staged setting isn't an easy challenge.  Working with babies isn't either - but Matthew did what he does, and delivered the goods!  This was a large shoot, indoors/outdoors across multiple locations, so plenty of plates to keep spinning.  Matthew's got a cool head and is great at getting the best out of people.  We love these shots.

Matthew Joseph for Xero

Time to get this blog up to are some fantastic shots from a recent campaign for accounting software Xero, shot by our lifestyle specialist Matthew Joseph.  This is Matt in his element - getting real emotions and moments within a staged environment with models.  Great work, as per usual!

H&H and NYC

We went to New York.  We did meetings.  We walked up and down stairs.  We ate many many sandwiches.  

From AKQA to Wieden & Kennedy, we thank you for your time!  See y'all soon.

Holly Pickering and sustainable London

Here are some shots from a fantastic personal project that Holly is working on - Sustainable London.

This set was taken at a charity called The Orchard Project.  They collect windfall apples which would otherwise go to waste, and use them to create Local Fox Cider.  Sustainable, eco-friendly, AND it's cider. Good work.

We love the Autumnal light and colours in this set.  Holly knows how to create great atmosphere in her work.